Witnesses stun court in contrasting testimonies as Panyimur families strive to settle land case


  1. 04. 2017

A number of witnesses gave contrasting testimonies as they were cross examined in a land case involving two close families in Panyimur town board

The said disputed land is located in Singila central village in Panyimur town board and had buildings raised by one Japodu said to be a friend to peter Daktari the original owner of the land

Daktari was said to have given the land to his friend Japodu although what remains unclear to court was whether it was temporary or permanent

Both Daktari and Japodu are now deceased.

Court was told that all trouble began when 45 year old Rashid Donald, a fisher man and son to the late Daktari wanted to occupy the land claiming his father had only lent it temporally to Japodo

Documents were shown indicating the area land committee of Panyimur Sub County giving Rashid a go-ahead to occupy it.

He also showed documents from the town board giving him permission to clear any structures that did not belong to him on the said land.

He subsequently sold the land to another Rogers Kinobe before buildings were demolished later in 2014.

However in the case before Justice Stephen Mubiru Ogenrwoth Geoffrey and Oketch Milton are seeking to be the owners of the land they claim belongs originally to Japodu.

By press time more witnesses were to be cross examined.

Land related cases are on the increase in the society with factors including ignorance, land grabbing by the wealthy and rampant sales as some of the factors.



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