The Soaring state of Education in Panyimur Sub- County #Nebbi District.

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dei latri.jpg

A latrine used by both pupils and teachers in Dei primary school.


Dei primary school in Panyimur Sub county risk losing pupils as the school lack toilet facilities for both boys and girls pupils.

Nearly 800 pupils in Dei are in danger of contracting communicable diseases due to lack of toilets and sanitary facilities at the school.

Panyimur Sub County which consists of 10 government primary schools has a shortage of latrines in all the ten schools in the sub county with Dei primary school being the worst in the whole Nebbi District.

The school lack facilities such as structures, desk, latrines, teachers houses, library and even the manpower. There is urgent need to intervene to solve the escalating condition of education in Panyimur.



Activists confirmed that corruption is dwindling education in Panyimur Sub County.
In his own words, the Panyimur LC3 Chairperson Mr. Ofoi Shaban Keeenobe said his government is committed to the Operations and maintenance of its infrastructure in order to prolong their life span. However, there is no initiative on the ground which indicates commitment of Ofoi Keenobe government committed to improving education level in his sub county.

Panyimur Sub County five years development plan lacks credibility and in itself it is a caveat emptor drawn out of selfish desire to gain wealth by few individuals who control the sub county.

The document which contain the provision for providing quality education for the children and sanitation; affordable, reliable, sustainable and clean energy for economic growth and development is in itself an empty bottle.

Activists said the government cannot mobilize for increased enrollment and retention in schools of all school going age children under UPE under such circumstances where there are no adequate facilities to absorb the children’s in schools.


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