Information reaching Jegar media desk indicates that the members of the ruling clan of the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, the Babito clan want president Museveni to intervene in the issues currently prevailing in Bunyoro Kingdom.

There is an allegation that the king and his ministers have misused $200.000 (Two Hundred Thousand Dollars) donated by the state House to facilitate the king to go for medical treatment outside Uganda. There is an allegation that the king never received the treatment that was intended.

Meanwhile the Babito clan Executive Committees have noticed serious changes in the conduct and general health of the king which is characterized by severe forgetfulness, impaired sense of judgments and other erratic behaviors which the Executive Committee of the Babito ruling clan think is a likely problem with the king mental health.

According to Babito Executive Clan Committee member who spoke to Jegar media, there are various scenarios where the king has taken erratic decisions, and has been made to sign important documents in error and some of the persons surrounding the King are taking advantages and exploiting the king mental health situation to their advantage. The Executive Committee of the Babito clan are highly convinced that there is a problem with the king mental health which needs to be very urgently addressed.

In the letter dated 23rd/Nov/2016, the Executive Committee requested the president to assist Bunyoro and have the King examined by a competent team of doctors to ascertain whether the king can be treated for the condition that is identified with him.

The letter which was addressed to president Museveni, the executive committee of Babito clan sited out that in the event that the doctors ascertain that the king is unable to perform the functions of that office, or is require treatments for mental illness that will keep him away from the kingdom, they will have no alternative but to appoint regents to manage the affairs of the kingdom as custom and culture of Bunyoro dictates.

Sources indicates that over 80% of the kingdom restituted properties have been sold and irregularly subleased by the kingdom officials, who have taken the advantage of the mental conditions of the king; including the personal estate of the king has been sold off to the rich and wealthy members of society in and outside Bunyoro kingdom.

Members of the Executive Committee of the Babito clan appeal to the president to avail the services of competent organs like Inspectorate of Government and the CID to help them conduct a forensic audit, value for money audit and follow up on any fraud that has been committed by the people taking advantage of the king mental illness .

There is alleged report that some individuals have obtained powers of Attorney to manage kingdom assets and even they have received funds on behalf of the Kingdom.

Given the mental conditions of the king, the executive committee of the Babito ruling clan have noticed that over time, they are suspicious that the power of the Attorney granted are not genuine.

The Committee have also requested the president to act soon to have the circumstances under which the powers of Attorney was granted to be investigated, because it appears some individuals are using the same to defraud the kingdom.

Huge sums of money have been received by individuals using the powers of Attorney granted.

The Babito Executive Committee is the committee of the ruling clan which is composed of 9 individuals who sit from time to time to find a solution to the kingdom problems. The committee is now struggling to put the kingdom back in normal shape. They have optioned the president and they want to meet the president to have a discussion with him about the mismanagement in the kingdom and the king mental health conditions.

The people taking advantage of the king mental conditions are the kingdom ministers and key senior officials.

One of the members of the executive committee who decided to remain anonymous said that he is at great risk. “I am at great risks. I came out to talk but I don’t have protection .I try to hide under the cover of the executive committee of Babito Clan” He said.

He said he has received a lot of threats. “The king has accused me in the state House. He told the special investigation police unit that I am threatening to kill him. I was summoned to make a statement at Hoima police station” He said.

He was also accused for forming the gang of people to kill the king.” The king said that am forming the gang of people to kill him. He went to state house to have me silence”.

The King made Mr Oscar Baitwa who is the minister without portfolio to sign important documents which led to the loss of $ 200.000.

Mr Oscar Baitwa is also being investigated by the inspectorate General of Government ( IGG).

The Committee said they are not going to choose a king although he is of unsound mind. They said they are looking for a regent.

The king was several times advised to put a board manage the kingdom wealth but he failed to do so. He was also requested to separate his wealth from those of kingdom but he failed to do so and these have caused problems now.

The king has sold and given away many of the kingdom properties. Also people have taken the advantages of the king mental illness to dispose off kingdom properties.

Most of the houses returned to the kingdom have been sold. They have been disposed off .However, the new kingdom prime minster have taken some people who bought the buildings to court.

There is allegation that the king is giving the kingdom land to people. The king has given a chunk of land to a rich man in Hoima whose name is Kabagambe who own many petrol stations in Bunyoro region.

A senior member of the executive committee said that he don’t know what will happen to the kingdom if some of them die. He said most people are taken up by money. They are silenced with money, but for him, he said he is an activist and he will never be silenced by any one.


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