Exposing Evil Politicians, Hon Kinene and Mukitale Birahawa who are planning Genocide against #Alur ethnic tribe in Bullisa.

Jegar Media.

The Alur community are calling on the president to intervene in what they described as genocide being perpetrated against them by Birahwa Mukitale and Kinene.

They alleged that a local gang of people have been formed in waja to kill Alur farmers and to destroy their property on the orders of the chairman of the local government LC5 Kinene and the MP Birahawa .

In a statement on Wednesday released by four of the Alur elders in Ngwedo village, the Alur communities said trouble is brewing out for them.

They said many Alur may leave their land forcefully.

“On the 20th of June, 2017 group of gang moved in the early hours and affected some arrests in Butiaba .Many other Alur elders have been taken hostage by unknown gang men that is believed to have been formed by the politicians.
The International observatory for Alur People with a heavy heart we wish to draw the attention of the world to the ongoing planned genocide and ethnic cleansing being perpetrated against the Alur  in Bullisa Local Government.

This situation has escalated to all parts of the local government and is still going on with full impunity as the state government has remained unconcerned since then. There is denial of services to Alur at the hospital and denial of registration and access to the National Identity cards registration. This has taken lead in Biiso.


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