The timely need to protect #Alur Ethnic Group from planned tyranny and atrocities by #Bugungu influential Politicians and non state actors.


alur  Photo of Alur people killed by Bagungu and Balalo in Runga village, Kigorobya sub county in Hoima district in 2012      

Jegar Media .

Bullisa is a center of land and ethnic disputes. In 2006, a group of Bagungu led by the Buliisa County MP, Mr Stephen Mukitale Biraahwa, clashed with the pastoralists and in the process more than 10 Bagungu including Mr Biraahwa got injured.

They were bickering over a chunk of land covering the villages of Waiga, Bugana, Kichoke and Kataleba in Buliisa District. In December 2012, ethnic clashes broke out at Runga landing site in Hoima District between the Alur and cattle keepers.

The clashes reportedly resulted from a dispute over land which is also adjacent to the oil sites in the Albertine grabben. Three people were killed, 25 huts burnt and scores of people sustained injuries in that clash according to daily monitor report of Wednesday July 2014.

Apparently information’s reaching us indicate that Hon.Birahawa Stephen Mukitale and the Bullisa distric Chairperson LC5 Hon.Kinene are in advanced stage to stage serious execution and forceful eviction of the Alur Ethnic group away from Bungungu.

Report indicates that the LC5 and the MP are forming gang of people to terrorize the Alur Ethnic tribe living on Bugungu Land.

There is alleged report that two leaders are working closely with their clan elders to accomplish their mission.

Sources in Wanseko we spoke to indicates that the two politicians are threatening to chase the Alur away from Bullisa because in the recent 2016 elections Alur overwhelmingly Supported Dr Kamugisha and Fred lukumu.
The two politicians are planning to launch a surprise attacks on the Alur so that  they will leave all their properties including  land,crops,fishing nets,boats,cattles and houses just like Mukondo did in the past.

Rights activists are mobilizing to make sure that nothing happen to the Alur Ethnic tribes living in Bullisa district.

In many cases Bagungu ethnic group have been mistreating the Alur on baseless allegations which seem to be originating from the top political cadre and clan leaders of the Bagungu in Bullisa district.

According to Oyergiu Joshua, a human Rights activist working with Lake Albert Social Network an indigenous Human Rights Organisation based in the Albertine Grabben of Uganda where Oil and Gas is discovered, the battle between the Bagungu and the Alur has been there for so long .Joshua said he would not sit and see violation and abuse of human rights against the Alur a minority ethnic group in Bullisa. Joshua said he want to assure the Bullisa district politicians that they are not above the law and nothing will happen against any ethnic tribe in Bullisa. Joshua said as an activist he will use non violence means to contain the situation down.

The Bagungu are worried of the increasing numbers of intellectual and educated Alur youthful men and women who may take the political position of the district any time.

Worst of all, they have continued to restrict the Alur from getting the national Identity cards on the ground that they are foreigners from Democratic Republic of the Congo.By the looks of things this indicates restrictive measures the Bagungu are devising to limit the Alur from participating in governance and leadership process in Bullisa district.

A lot is going on in Bullisa district. There is discrimination, tribalism, land grabbing and illegal and  rampant extra judicial killing .In most cases corps have been discovered in the bush of Alur people who are believed to have been killed by the Bagungu and Balalo cattle keepers in Waja.

Hon.Birahawa Mukitale who is very popular for defending the land rights of the Bugungu people himself is not a freedom fighter but has become a caveat emptor mobilizing to commit atrocities on Alur.

Birahawa has  been running up and down to convince president to consider scrapping down the land tittles issued in the districts in the last seven years. While this can be seen as positive development at national level, this is not what Birahawa maintain.

The government has cancelled land titles for 5090 hectares issued between December 2010 to February 2017 in BULLISA .This is a move  toward addressing the land disputes in the oil rich Buliisa.

Land is the leading cause of conflict in oil producing countries in Sub Saharan Africa. There have been simmering conflict in the Albertine Grabben in places like Rwamutongo in Hoima and in Buliisa itself where people have raised their voices complaining about ‘foreigners’ buying off their land and throwing them off it to pave way for oil and gas development projects.

Labeling the people who are buying land in Bullisa as “Mafia” , Birahawa forgot that he is the one fueling conflict in the region .Birahawa pretend that he is at the center of  fighting for the people rights to land in the region but in itself, he is  causing the issues, he is himself “Mafia” who is causing insecurity, discrimination, tribalism and he is wanting to shed the blood of innocent ,destitute and starving people in Bullisa district. This will never happen.

There is allegation that Birahawa is buying land in Buliisa and in Hoima. And the idea is for him to gazette large chunk of land for bagungu to cultivate, and graze their animals on. He plans to fence the whole of Waja where Alur have been practicing farming for his personal gain.






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